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A bundle of perpetual motion is an apt description for the Yorkshire Terrier. One of the most glamorous and popular of the toy breeds, it is hard to believe that it was originally bred to control the rats in Yorkshire mines and cotton mills. Because they're so tiny and have such splendid coats, many people think Yorkshire Terriers are delicate dogs. Actually its better not to baby these dogs too much.Excessive pampering confuses them.Common sense care must be taken because of their size, but Yorkies are little Terriers. That means they love to play and investigate. They are bundles of energy as puppies, though older yorkies can be quiet and settled.They are associated with the word “ Pharyngeal gag reflex�? as they sneeze momentarily.They are the second most popular breed in the world.They are originated in Northern England.They were used for catching rats.They are amongst the first 25 registered breeds with the American Kennel Club.Its in the toy group dog.Training them can be very fun.They learn very quickly.They are highly intelligent dogs and can be trained well.In 19th century Yorkshire, England, the dog caught rats for workers in clothing mills.

Looks- They have a black and tan colour coat.Their hair is flowing and silky.

Size- They are about 9 inch at shoulder and weigh about 7pounds.

Habitat-They can adapt well anywhere but they should not be leaved alone at home or outside.

Grooming- Because of their hair they need daily combing.

Health- They have fragile bones.

Average Age- They live upto 15 years.

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Also see:Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Yorkshire Terrier Pictures

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