Small Dog Breeds

Small Dog Breeds- There are two types of breed the Small and the Big dog breed. The breed standard for each breed is unique depending on their size and appearance. Small dog breeds are usually of small height and also weighs less.Given under is a list of all the small breeds.

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

  2. Jack Russell Terrier- They are a small terrier dog, that dont get along well with other pets and require a tough owner.

  3. Beagle- A small,cute hound that was originally used for hunting.

  4. Pug- A small, wrinkled face dog that is though charming and playful but is also stubborn.

  5. Shih Tzu- Its a cute toy dog breed with long silky hair.

  6. Chihuahua- Its the smallest amongst all the breeds.

  7. French Bulldog

  8. Pomeranian- Its a fluffy, toy dog breed that looks like a bal of fur.

  9. Boston Terrier

  10. Yorkshire Terrier

  11. Bichon Frise

  12. Cocker Spaniel

  13. Dachshund

  14. Labradoodle

  15. Maltese

More Small Dog Breeds

Dogs that are big but have a good temperament like that of a small dog

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