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About Shih Tzu Dog Breed:

The Shih Tzu is one of the elegant, aristocratic dogs from China, cherished by royals there for over a thousand years. With its small bewhiskered face and trailing coat the Shih Tzu resembles both the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese

American soldiers discovered the Shih Tzu in England during World War 2, where the breed had been brought after the British invaded China in 1860.The Americans were charmed by the dogs and brought some home when they returned from the war.

They naturally want to be good to you.They are like babies. They are best trained when they are a baby. Initially you might think them to be very cute but eventually they turn out not to be much cute rather they become more and more destructive. So for training them you have to make them know that you are hurt when they try to bite you as babies. So this will make them feel guilty and they will stop doing it.

When you go out for days and and not make them exercise then they become really agressive and destructive also. Training of these dogs is quiet tricky as they are stubborn.They are not an outdoor dog. They will just not listen to your basic command. You will have to teach them with some basic pampering. It does understand compassion.

Habitat: They are not well adapted in hot and humid weather and can easily live in appartments.

Looks: They have fine silky hair and their coat can come in many colours.

Health: They are usually healthy dogs but they can be prone to kidney and eye problems.

Grooming: A lot of attention should be given on their grooming as they have long hair.

Average Age: They live upto 16 years.

Built: Both male and female are of same size standing at 9 to 10 inches tall.

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Shih Tzu Images
Silky Haired Shih Tzu

Sweet Shih Tzu

Beautiful Long Haired Shih Tzu
Very Adorable Shih Tzu
Pretty Haired Female  Shih Tzu
Beautiful Lovely Hair Shih Tzu
Sweet Lively Shih Tzu
Hairy Innocent Shih Tzu
Beautiful Hairy Posing Shih Tzu
Happy Little Shih Tzu

Also see:Shih Tzu PuppiesShih Tzu Pictures

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