About Samoyed Dog Breed:

The Samoyed was beloved by the Samoyed people, a tribe that roamed the icy tundra near the Arctic Ocean. He is considered the oldest of the Arctic breeds, and has a tough make up as a result. He was a necessary part of the Samoyed life: guarding the tribe's reindeer, pulling heavy sleds, and accompanying his people everywhere.

They are descendeds from the Nenets herding laika, a dog from the Siberia. They are not at all agressive. They are just wonderful dogs. They are known for their tendency not only to bark but to sing also. One of the 14 most ancient breeds, the Samoyeds are members of the Spitz family of dogs. And hails from Siberia where they were used for sledding. Its double coat is often white, and also comes in biscuit, white and biscuit and creme colours.

Habitat- They can live in apartments with daily exercise but you have to be careful in a warmer climate.

Looks- They have double layered coat, that is often white, and also comes in biscuit, white and biscuit and creme colours.

Health- They are predisposed to health issues like diabetes, hypothyrodism, hip dysplasia.

Grooming- They are heavy shedders and so require daily brushing

Average Age- They live for about 12-15 years.

Size- The males are about 22 inches tall while the females are 20 inches tall.

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Also see:Samoyed PuppiesSamoyed Pictures

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