Rhodesian Ridgeback

About Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breed:

This dog is very courageous.THey are also called the African Lion Dogs.It was bred in Southern Africa.THey will require dog trainer for training.They are good for families with older children not younger ones.

Looks- It has a ridged back.Their ridge is very clearly defined. They have thick, padded feet.

Habitat- They can live in even the most harsh environments.They can live even in high temperatures.They can live anywhere.But they will need regular exercise or they can be destructive.

Health- They are very robust and are healthy.

Grooming- They have minimum shedding so they require low maintenance for grooming.

size- Its about 27 inches tall and weighs 70 punds.

Average Age- They live upto 12 years.

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Also see:Rhodesian Ridgeback PuppiesRhodesian Ridgeback Pictures

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About Rhodesian Ridgeback 

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