Rat Terrier

About Rat Terrier Dog Breed:

This breed is loyal, loving and energetic. They get their name from America's 26th President. They hold the record for the most rats hunted. They are more than just hunters. They are complete source of inspiration. They have large, short, pointed ears. They have larger expressive eyes which looks bigger than they are. They have tail that many people dock. They develope a strong bond with their owners. They are lovable pets for the right family. They have small dainty legs and are fragile. By today's modern standards it's considered to be a rare breed. It's a small medium sized canine. Their origin is United States. They love to work on family farms. Many breeds have been used to develope this breed. They are often mistaken with a Jack Russell Terrier but their personalities are totally different.

Today they are valued for their companionship and athletic merits.

Looks- They have a single coat, that requires less grooming. They come in many colours and three size- Toy, Miniature and Standard.

Health- They are generally healthy but can suffer from skin allergies and dental problems and knee problems.

Habitat- They can live anywhere but they need plenty exercise.

Grooming- Their short, smooth coat is easy to groom.

Average Age- They live for about 15-18 years.

Size- They are around 13- 18 inches tall and weighs around 10-25 pounds.

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Also see:Rat Terrier PuppiesRat Terrier Pictures

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