The small one of a dog is called a puppy. Puppies are usually friendly, naughty and curious. They will do all the possible things to just grab your attention, from chewing up your shoe laces to nibbling your fingers. Puppies are very social and thus puppyhood is the right time to teach them the best way to behave with kids, adults and other pets.

As a first time dog owner, choose a puppy that is neither bossy nor of very low energy. Try to look out for puppies who don't growl or bite but rather shows their friendly temperament by wagging their tail.

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Puppy Images
Running Puppy

Golden Puppy

Sweet Puppy
Running Pup
Playful Puppy
Innocent Puppy
Sleepy Puppy
Sleeping Puppy
Small Lovely Puppy
White Puppy
Funny Puppy
Beautiful Puppy
Thirsty Puppy
Barking Puppy
Merry Puppy
Lovely Puppy
Relaxing Puppy
Angry Puppy
Racing Puppy
Naughty Little Puppy

Also see: Cute PuppiesPuppy Pictures | Cute Dogs

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Husky Chihuahua
Pug German Shepherd
Shih Tzu Greyhound

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