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All puppies are sweet and cute but some breeds are much more cuter than the others. That is why they are much more popular than other breeds. Some of these breeds are

Golden Retriever- This cute puppy having golden lustrous coat is simply irresistible. A look at them is bound to bring a smile on anyone's face. These puppies are lively and intense and be prepared that a Golden retriever pup will chew your furniture and retrive back even the unwanted things also.

A pomeranian puppy with its puffed ball like fur, and triangle shaped ears looks like a cute little teddy bear that everyone wants to hug. These puppies generally chew off things. As puppies they are very fragile and special care needs to be taken of these puppies.

English Bulldog-
What makes these puppies so cute and adorable are their clownish behavior, wrinkled appearance and sweet ,patient nature. These puppies are the loyal ones that just love to be indoors. Their friendly and playful nature makes them very cute and cuddly.

Labrador Retriever
– The cute puppy that is the most irresistible is a labrador retriever puppy. Their cuteness can just steal anyone's heart. Their cute cuddly bodies and sweet innocent face can make anyone fall in love with them. These little pups are balls of energy.

Basset Hound-
A cute little dog with long ears, loose skin and sad eyes.

Affenpinscher- A charming, cute little puppy

Beagle- A pup with appealing expression and that is friendly with people and also with other pets, is a Beagle pup.

Border Collie



Yorkshire Terrier- The cute, tiny, hairy pup that is sure to steal your heart away with its courageous and independent attitude.

Bernese Mountain Dog-

Siberian Husky- They are cute cuddly pups that are playful and athletic the moment you see them.

Shih Tzu- A very lively, outgoing, super cuddly hairy little pup.

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Cute Puppy

Cute Racing Puppy

Cute White Puppy
Very Cute Puppy
Cute Fat White Puppy
Bubbly Puppy
Sweet Playfyl Puppy
Cute Mini Puppy

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HavaneseFrench Bulldog

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