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Puggle is one of the top 3 designer dogs. This breed is a crossbred between a Pug and a Beagle. They were created in 1980 to be a companion dog. They were made mixing the warm pug toy breed personality with the energy of the busy little Beagle. They have an amazing sense of smell. They just love to track. When you take them outside, they will just track down things. This breed barks as well as howl. They are also called the small lap dogs. They weighs between7-30 pounds. They have short, tight coat which can either be black or multicoloured. But most Puggles are fawn.

Puggles have the pushed in face which can cause breathing issues. It has a unique tail, that is a mix of both the breeds.

They can come in coat colour with a Black mask, or all black, all white or tri colour. They inherit health issues from both their parents.

Looks- They have short, smooth double coat that can come in colours tan, fawn or black.

Health- They can have breathing problem and are also prone to heart problem etc.

Grooming- Their grooming is very easy. They need weekly brushing

Average Age- They live for about 12- 15 years.

Size- They are around 14 inches tall and weighs around 20 pounds.

Habitat- They can perfectly live well in an apartment but require their daily dose of play and walks.

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Also see:Puggle PuppiesPuggle Pictures

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