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Pugs originated in 400 BC in China.In 1572, a Pug alerted Prince William to an approaching assasin and became the official dog of the Dutch House of Orange. In Holland, William, Prince of Orange , was saved by his Pug in 1572. The dog, Pompey, barked and licked William's face to awaken him before an attack on his camp.Invading Spanish troops had orders to kill William. Thanks to Pompey, he survived. When William became king of England, he brought his Pug with him.Soon the breed grew in popularity throughout Europe. The origin of the Pug's name is unknown. It may derive from pugnus, the Latin word for fist. Which its profile is said to resemble. The most likely explanation , however is that it stems from an old English word that was used as a term of endearment to describe pets, and particularly pet monkeys.

Traditionally a companion to nobility and the wealthy, the Pug is now enjoying a well deserved come back. Extremely clever and mischievious, it makes an amusing companion. But it can also be gluttonous, sulky, and distant with strangers, to the point of showing outright hostility.

Pug eyes can pop out if they are hugged too hard. The eyes then have to be manually popped back in. A pug tail that is double curled is considered to be perfect. Pug sleep an average of 14 hours a day. Their airtight wrinkles must be cleaned regularly to prevent infection. They are very loving. They shed alot. Pugs are small sized and great for apartments. They must be kept indoors.

Pugs are good with familes but they are not for small children. They have a medium energy level. They live for about 12-15 years.

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Also see:Pug PuppiesPug Pictures

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