Pug Temperament

 Pug Temperament:

They are dogs version of pig. They breathe like pigs.Their breathing sounds like as if they are swallowing their own throats. That gasping, rasping pug sound is the sound of constricted airways, of soft palettes crammed into the back of their throats because they have been bred to have no nose. Many pugs have to undergo invasive surgery to correct their breathing problems. And yet we treat this symptom of their breathing deformities as cute.They have funny tails, like pigs and also like pigs they will eat just about anything.-a pile of bread, seat belt, money sandwhich.There's a popular belief that pugs are lazy. Pugs hate getting wet, When they do they go all out. They are the only living beings that looks hideous and cute simultaneously. All in all they are great dogs to add up in your family and along with kids as they will not hurt anyone not even a fly.

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