Pug Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

Pugs like just about everyone they meet. With a Pug, its all about food. Pugs are smart, they like to cuddle and they are good with kids and other pets. They need their owners to be a good leader as sometimes they can do gorget the rules. Just remember to be calm yet firm with a pug. A pug can be very sensitive to the tone of your voice so harsh punishment is not necessary. Pug family dates back to ancient China.Pugs usually live upto about 13 years that is about 9 dog yeras. They usually grow about 10 to 14 inches. Please be careful to not to overfeed your Pug as obessity is a big problem in the pug world.Their short muzzles can cause them breathing problems so they shouldn't be left outside when its hot.

Keeping a Pug clean is pretty easy. They just need to be brushed everyday. They can do anything for food. So training a Pug with treats and food works best for it. They are happy living in an appartment or a house.

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