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They were originally a hunting dog.Their name come from German word which means poodle.They are water retrievers.This is the only breed which comes in 3 sizes- Standard, Miniature and Toy.They are very intellect dogs.They just love to please their owners.They make good service dogs.They just love to be social.They were famous for being able to execute dances that seemed almost as if people were doing the steps. They charmed the upper classes, who enjoyed carrying and pampering them as cherished companions.

The Poodle's French name, Caniche, probably derived from a common world for young ducks and the dogs that hunted them.THe similarity of Poodle to the English word 'puddle' and to the German Word Pudel eveokes its former career of water dog. Now known as Standard poodles, these were the forerunners of the smaller Miniature and Toy breeds.

Early in the breed's history, his larger ancestor's coat was clipped to allow him freer movement in the water while retrieving ducks.For warmth, the hair was left longer around the anklesand on top of the head and ears. Today coats are clipped for their stylish effect.

Looks- They have a hair coat.Their hair continues to grow and they don't shed.They have long legs.

Grooming- Extensive grooming is needed for this breed so they have high maintenance cost.

Average Age- They live upto 12 years.

Health- They can have blockage in intestine.

Habitat-They need plenty of space but it can adapt in any space.

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Also see:Poodle PuppiesPoodle Pictures

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