About Papillon Dog Breed:

Its a toy breed.Its named after butterfly because of the shape of their ears.THey are also called the squirrel spaniel because of the shape of their tail.They are lapdog and very smart.They are a family dog but they can become very agressive sometimes, so they are not so good for small children.

Clean and odourless, the Papillon was a prized pet of noblewomen, who loved to cradle it in their fur muffs. Nobles, too, were fascinated by the animals and took the little dogs on trips. One man is even said to have carried around his neck a beribboned basket of first size Papillons.

Looks- They have upright or floppy ears.Their coat is multicoloured.THeir hair is very silky.

Habitat- They can adjust in any environment provided they are given exercise.

Average Age- They have a life expectancy of about 16 years.

Health- They are very healthy dog.

Grooming- They need regular brushing.

Size- They are about 8-11 inches taal and weigh around 9 pounds.

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Also see:Papillon PuppiesPapillon Pictures

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