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About Lhasa Apso Dog Breed:

This breed is very lively and intelligent.They are very faithful to their family but don't like strangers much.They are very stubborn.It originated in Himalayas.In Tibet they were known as Apso Seng Kye which means Barkline signal dogs.Their barking is very loud.They don't need much exercise.

Originally the dogs were cherished as harbingers of good luck, were never swold, and only males were given as gifts.

Although they may first seem to resemble the Shih Tzu, the Lhasa is a little bigger, is groomed differently and has a different history and character.Lhasas originated and developed in the harsh, secluded Tibetan mountains., working as guards of Buddhist monasteries. Mastiffs guarded the outside walls of the monasteries. Lhasas were stationed inside, as the second line of protection. They held the job because of their keen hearing, protectiveness, and ability to know whether a visitor was a friend or a stranger.

The origin of the Apso portion of the name is uncertain. It may be from the Tibetan word rapso for goat like, a possibility in view of the dog's thick, golden coat.But it more likely was derived from the animal's nickname, Apso Seng kye, which means barking lion sentinel dog.

The breed was said to symbolize the lion, the protector of Buddha. Certainly, intruders who got past the tibetan Mastiff, said to have mounted guard outside every monastery and royal household, stood little chance of slipping by the little Lhasa Apso standing sentinel within.

Looks- They have long and flowing beautiful coat which is coarse.Their most obvious colours are gold, cream and honey.Their tail is long and curved.Their ears are covered with fur.

Size- They are unsually under 20 pounds.

Habitat- They can live almost anywhere.They can adjust very well in appartments.

Average Age- They have a long life span.They can live upto 20 years.

Health- They can have ear infection.

Grooming- They require regular grooming.

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Also see: Lhasa Apso Puppies Lhasa Apso Pictures

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