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About Labrador Dog Breed:

They are big, very friendly, jolly and full of life.They originally come from New Zealand. This dog loves to swim.They can make a jump of upto 27 feet.They are named after the sea in which they used to work, Labrador Sea.They have soft mouth.Their learning ability is the best.They are highly active dogs.They will always try to please.

Labs are particularly prized for its 'soft mouth', the jaws will not damage game in their grip.Dogs with yellow coats are preferred to the black coated variety.These powerfully built dogs are also mighty swimmers and will plunge into even ice cold water.

Labs used to be known for their glossy black coats, but yellow and chocolate labs are growing in numbers.

Looks- They have strong haunches which helps them alot in swimming.They have webbed paws.They have an otter like tail which acts like a rubber in water.Their coat is layered and slightly oily.This keeps them warm and helps them to float.They are usually of 3 colours, black, yellow and chocolate which is very rare.Any of the labs can have a small white spot the chest , but all should have dark( not pink) noses.

Health- They are prone to displysia and eye defect also.Also they can have problem with knees and elbows.

Average Age- They can live upto 13 years.

Grooming-They can do with minimal grooming.However their coat is short and dense and year round.

Habitat- They live well in cold places but can live anywhere.

Size-They are about 24 inches and weigh around 80 pounds.

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