Labrador Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

The sweetest thing about a Labrador is that it will always have a broad smile across, disharming and friendly.Their webbed paws and otter like tails make them excellent swimmers and so they were used as helpers by the fishermen in New foundland.Their strong olfactory sense also makes them the most preferred choice for policemen for search and rescue operations like bomb search, illegal drug detection.Earlier Labs were used as hunting dogs to use their powerful jaws to bring back the prey to its hunter.While they can be good playmates, they also do have a weakness to deal with, that is- they have a strong desire to carry things in their mouth and chew object.So the best way to deal with this weakness is to train the lab well.They are one of the friendliest and happiest dogs to have around.

They are the most friendly and warm breed you can ever come across. They are so affectionate that as soon as you meet them, they want to come and play with you.They love anyone who comes to your house, infact they are a very friendly watchdog.Labs are very affectionate.They are very smart.

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