Irish Wolfhound

About Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed:

They are a very big dog. This breed is the tallest dog in the world. These puppies don't stay little for long, they can gain upto a pound a day.They weighs around 90 pounds when they are 6 months old. They can eat upto 25 pounds of food a week. Ancient writings suggested that they existed as early as 273 BC. They were considered higly esteemed and were given as gifts to kings. They were used to hunt. Because of their hunting skills all their preys dissappeared from Ireland and hence the Wolfhound also faced extinction. Its also said these giant dogs led soldiers to battle.

Their distinguishing feature is their rough and wiry coat. They have wide and deep chest. Even today the Irish army consider this breed to lead its troop as its official mascot. In the 19
th century they were only allowed to be owned by the royalty.

Looks- They have rough coat that comes in black, red, grey, fawn, brindle and white.

Habitat- Because of their size they cannot live in small appartments. They require a large fenced in yard with some space to roam around.

Average age- They have a very short life span. They live about 6-10 years.

Grooming- They are very easy to care for. They need good brush atleast once a week.

Health- They are prone to problems like Bloat, bone cancer and heart problems.

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Also see:Irish Wolfhound PuppiesIrish Wolfhound Pictures

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About Irish Wolfhound 

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