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About Husky Dog Breed:

Siberian Husky's are strong silent types.It comes from Siberia.It is used for pulling sledge.They can live only in Arctic region.They are very good diggers.They can be trained well.They are a good pet for the family.

Though the name Husky is commonly applied to any sled dog in the Arctic, the Siberian is the only variety officially recognized as a breed.

The breed was developed by the Chukchi tribe of north eastern Asia as a sled dog, and had to pull sleds for the tribe over the vast, frozen countryside in search of food. Siberian Huskies appeared in Alaska early in the 1900s, and were used for Arctic expeditions. They were also part of the Army's Arctic Search and Rescue Unit during World War 2.

The powerful yet graceful Husky is the favourite of sled racing enthusiasts, and with several world titles to its credit this breed is the champion of the sport. The Husky is an excellent pack dog, rarely quarrelsome with its team mates or other dogs.

A handsome furry coat, an amiable expression, and luminous eyes make the Husky one of the most attractive dogs of the far North. Its bold head markings are specially striking. Gentle and affectionate, the Husky has the most docile nature of all sled dogs. But it still exhibits some of the traits of its wolf ancestors, and the Husky's owner must be prepared to handle it with love and patience so as not to arouse its anger.

Looks- They have striking eyes.They have icy blue eyes.They have insulated paws.Their double layered densed coat protect them from the arctic cold.

Habitat- They need lots of space.They are best suited only for arctic region and not for the tropical region.

Grooming- They will require grooming weekly which includes brushing their dense coat.

Health- They have some health issues related to hips and eyes.

Size- The male is about 23 inches high while the female is about 22 inches.

Average Age- They live upto 15 years.

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