Husky Temperament

 Husky Temperament:

They just love to dig.They dig dig and dig.Its one of their natural instincts.They have very very high energy. Minimum of one walk a day is esential for them.You have to play with them daily.Entertaining them is probably the hardest thing to do.They are not the dog that would just sit down, you have to entertain them.

They will go after birds that go on the trees, go after rabbits, cats,chikens etc.They will just chase anything including people.They are very fluffy so they shed alot.They shed mainly in the summer or in the fog.So everywhere they go, there will be just chunk of furs.

They can live in appartments only if they are exercised every single day.They sleep alot after their daily dose of exercise.However they are more suitable for a house and not an appartment.While taking them for a walk, always have them on a leash, as they will run away.

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