Husky Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

If your dream animal looks like a wolf and smells like a flower then the siberian husky is the perfect animal for you.They originated in North Estern Siberia. They lived with the nomadic tribes before they were brought to Alaska. Their unique beauty make them a popular breed. As a member of the spits family they are largely used for pulling the sleds.

They are clean, neat animals, and despite their double coat, they doesn't suffer from doggy ordor.They are a pack animal so they need a strong, dominant owner to control their independent nature.With proper control and training they are a delighful dog to have as a pet.

Not recommended for appartments, these wolf like creatures need exercise and place to dig.If you choose the puppy from a reputed breeder Huskies are generally free from any health issues.

By Bondi Vet

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