About Hovawart Dog Breed:

They are the member of the German canine elite. Originated from the regiones of black forests in Germany, their name means a guardian of the states. This breed was first created by the Germans to guard their castles. They are a powerfully built dog with extremely strong legs, chest and hind quarters. Their head is large and powerful and its teeth meets in a sharp raisor bite. The dog's ears are triangular and pointed and droove down high on the head. They are basically of three main colours black, blonde and black and gold.

Over the years they have excelled as guardians as well as recue dogs. They are strong willed and are not recommended for beginner owners. They have loud barks and are extremely watchful. They are also highly devoted to their familes and will risk their own lives to protect them. All these traits makes them an excellent watch dog and guard dog.

Looks- They come in black, black and gold, and blond colours.

Size- They are about 70 cm tall and weighs around 40 kg.

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Also see:Hovawart PuppiesHovawart Pictures

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