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This little dog with a big heart has a taste for lavish life and for centuries they have adorned the rich. Queen Victoria had two and Charles Dickens had one. It's a superlively, affectionate and people loving dog. They are not at all snappy like the other toy breeds. The Havanese is an ancient breed that originates to 1st century A.D. They are the members of the Bichon family. After the Cuban Revolution, 11 dogs fled to the U.S with their owners. They have grown alot in their popularity. This breed is Cuba's national dog.

They can come in a number of colours from black, white, chocolate, or any combination. They have a beautiful silky coat. Their coat is wavy, soft and bountiful. They have shorter front legs. Their tail is arched. This dog is happy to be the centre of affection all the time. They love to get attention and will perform tricks to get it.

Looks- They have long, soft and silky coat that can come in many colours- white, cream, fawn, red, chocolate etc.

Habitat- They are best for indoor living. So they can adjust well in apartments.They can adapt to any environment.

Grooming- Their coat requires frequent brushing several times a week.

Health- They are prone to have cataract.

Average Age- They live for about 13-15 years.

Size- They are about 27 cm tall and weighs around 3-6 kgs.

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Also see:Havanese PuppiesHavanese Pictures

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