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With the looks of a beagle, the Harrier is often mistaken for an oversized Beagle or oversized Fox Hound. It's expressive eyes set him apart from the rest of the hounds. The Harrier is a people pooch. He loves everybody and will be thrilled to have people to be lined up to pat him. Its brilliant and exuberant temperament will keep everyone mersmerised. Harriers were bred to hunt in packs and hence they are not very comfortable to be left alone. This breed is very energetic and fun loving. They are trustworthy with children and do make great family pets.

These lively hounds were originally bred to hunt rabbits and foxes in large packs. Their muzzles are long with a well developed nose. They have dark, alert and intelligent eyes. For this breed more than speed, stamina is important. They have long dropped ears. They have high stamina so they do well in sports performance. They are inactive in the house. They make good watch dogs but not guard dogs as they can become friends with strangers also.

Looks- They have small hard coat .

Habitat- Eventhough they are inactive in the house they are not recommended for apartments unless they are provided with lots of exercise.

Health- This Breed can suffer from hip dysplasia.

Grooming- Their hard coat needs just occassional brushing.

Average Age- They live for about 10-12 years.

Size- They are about 61 cm tall and weighs around 65 kgs.

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Also see:Harrier PuppiesHarrier Pictures

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