About Greyhound Dog Breed:

They are the fastest dog in all breeds.Its a very lovable dog.Earlier they were used by the romans for chasing the rabbits.They are good in chasing because of their eyesight.

Their eyesight is about 2 times greater than that of an human.They can run really fast because of their flexible spine.Like horses they are also used in racing but that can be dangerous for their health.They are very easy to be trained.They are very good with children.The fleet footed Greyhound has always been prized as a hunting dog.

Greyhounds have been speedy hunters of rabbits and other larger animals for thousands of years. They were treated to lives of luxury by the royalty of ancient Egypt;carvings of them appear in Egyptian tombs. The first written description of the breed appears in ancient Roman texts by the Roman poet Ovid. Greyhounds came to America in the early 1500s, brought by spanish explorers.Today, this form of reaching is enjoyed by enthusiasts in Britain, Canada, Australia , the United States , and Europe. Probably the fleetest breed of dog in the world, the Greyhound is capable of reaching speeds of 70 km an hour.

Looks- They are long headed.They can come in many colours like blak, red etc.With their tall, slim bodies, they strike a royal figure, but they are gentle giants. Their sleek smooth coat feels like velvet. Any colour is permitted for the breed.

Built- They weigh around 70pounds.They are delicate.

Habitat- They can easily accomodate in appartments.

Grooming- They require less grooming, only a good bath will do for them.

Average Age- They can live upto 12 years.

Health- They are prone to bloat. And bone tumors.

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Also see:Greyhound PuppiesGreyhound Pictures

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