Facts to know before Adopting a Greyhound 

Greyhounds have a reputation for being highly active. However, infact they are like couch potatoes who would like to laise with you around. They are very lazy. So if you are not the active type, then this breed is for you. Greyhounds are generally very friendly breed. They make loyal and affectionate family pets and love kids, but as with old dogs, make sure you superwise them around young children. If they are socialised early on, they can live well with other dogs and cats. Also remember they should be kept in a leash or they can run to chase after. Greyhounds are fine in apartments or homes with smaller backyards but make sure they're properly fenced in or they can run away while chasing something. They really feel the cold and gets shivers when the temperature dips.

They are really well positioned to make a family pet. All they want to do is cuddle. They are also low maintenence pets. They are very calm and passive dogs. They can become a perfect family pet.

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Greyhound Puppies

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