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The Great Pyrenees are elegant and eyecatching. They look like polar bears. Known as the Pyrenean Mountain dog in Europe , these majestic giants were named for the mountaniuos region in South Western France. They were used there as a sheep guarding dog. These white balls are nocturnal by nature. But guarding is not their only talent. They also have the stamina, to walk long distances. It's belived that this hardy breed originated in Central Asia and migrated to Europe 5000 years ago. They have been so popular that Louis 14th declared them the Royal dog of France. Fossils of this breed dates back to the Bronze Age around 1400 BC. In old times it was used by people to protect their livestock and naturally defending sheeps and goats.

They have weather resistent, double coats which comes in only shade of white. They have V shaped ears. They have a unique extra “ dew claw�? on their hind legs to keep balanced on mountains. They are nocturnal by nature and may sleep all day.

Looks- They have long, flat, thick outer coat and dense, fine, wolly undercoat. Their main coat colour is white.

Habitat- Its not an appartment dog. They need regular exercise and a fenced in yard to control their tendency to roam.

Health- Like many giant breeds they are succeptible to cancer.

Grooming- They shed alot. So they need to be brushed more.

Average Age- They live for about 10-12 years.

Size- They are about 82 cms tall and weighs around 54 kgs

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