Great Dane

About Great Dane Dog Breed:

Its the tallest dog in the world.It originates from Germany.In the ancient times it was said to be providing protection from evil spirits.But now they are very lazy.

It's doubtful whether this majestic dog originated in Denmark. Yet, George Buffon, the 18th French naturalist, evidently thought so when he called it the Grand Danois.Dane means Danish, the dog was developed in Germany at least 400 years ago, where his purpose was to hunt down the wild boar, a ferocious and tough beast. Now the Great Dane's job is to be a devoted and wonderful friend.

The Great Dane is a giant of the canine world. It displays affection towards its master, patience with children, loyalty to friends, and restraint with strangers.Its elegant bearing , fine proportions, powerful muscularity, and broad and flexible gait , all create a spectacular impression.Another important fact is that this big fellow eats plenty of foods. The Great Dane is a quick learner in obedience school, and needs the training because he's strong enough to pull his owner behind him. He won't do that if he's trained to walk properly.He wants to please.

Looks- They have height.Their legs are long and proportional.They come in 6 coat colours- Blue, Black and White, Harlequin, Black, Fawn and Brindle.They are good for families with kids.

Size- Their weight can vary from 120 to 200pounds.Males are about 34inch tall while females are 31 inch tall.

Habitat- They can adapt almost anywhere but they need space.They are not good for appartments.

Grooming- Their grooming is very easy.

Average Age- They have the least average age.They live upto 7 years.

Health- They are prone to bloat.

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