Great Dane Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

If you are looking for a large dog, this dog is for you, as this dog is known as the gentle giant. The puppies grows really fat. They are affectionate, patient, excellent family dogs and are great with children. Because these dogs are really tall, so their food should be placed at a height. They just love to run around and play. They make a very loyal watch dog, but they do need training early on. With proper training they can be very obedient. Their ears should be checked regularly. Their paws and nails also needs to be checked and trimmed. Great Dane do feel the cold.

They are very gentle dogs. As they grow up they can learn how big they are. But as puppies they can be little naughty. So if you want to have one, you should be prepared for this. They are wonderful family dogs. They just love people and are inside dogs. They are fed several meals a day instead of one and should not be exercised after eating.

Before buying one you have to be careful and buy one from a reputed breeder. Everything about them is big so is their maintenence. They are good with children. They are very loyal and protective. They are one of the friendliest breeds. They go well together with other dogs, cats and other animals.They love to play together.

By Ron Darby

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