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About Golden Retriever Dog Breed:

They are one of the lowest ranking barkers.They don't have bad breath.They have a very soft mouth and therefore love to chew.They love water.To retrieve they can run tirelessly.They are very good natured dogs.They are ideal to be guide dogs and search dogs.They bond very closely to people.They become the best support dogs for disabaled and aged people.They can be trained very easily.They are good with kids.

It was believed that the Golden Retrievers were descended from performing Russian circus dogs purchased by Sir Dudley Majori banks in 1858.Examination of his records in the 1950s showed that the Golden Retriever was initially derived from a flat coated Retriever and a yellow Tweed Water Spaniel. The new Retriever was granted breed status in 1913. The Golden was developed in Scotland, beginning with the crossing of a Yellow English Retriever and a rugged water spaniel.

Built- They are around 22 inches in height with a weight of 65 pounds.

Looks- They have golden water repellent coat. Goldens have thick and lustrous coats that range in colour from deep to light honey gold.The Golden's lighter puppy coat deepens to its true colour after about a year. It can be straight or wavy and needs brushing twice a week. The eyes are dark brown, and the tail is a lively plume that floats straight out or curls up slightly.THis energetic dog needs lots of outdoor exercise.

Health- They can have hip displysia.They are also prone to Cancer.

Habitat-They can live in appartments but it requires activity.They can adapt to any place very well.

Grooming- They are hairy so their grooming is also necessary.They need to be brushed regularly.

Average Age- They live upto about 12 years.

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About Golden Retriever 

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