German Shepherd

About German Shepherd Dog Breed:

The name German Shepherd is derived from german language.They are the most popular breed.They are very intelligent dogs and are also called one man dog as they are very loyal to their owner. They are working dogs as because of their intelligence they can be trained in almost anything.They work with the handicapped, police, rescue team, herding etc.They are large dogs and so they need alot of outdoor space, not suited for appartments.Their grooming is very important as they shed alot so their daily grooming is very necessary.Their Average Age is of almost 10-12 years.They are also known as Alsataustral in many parts of the world.This dog is also famous in the movies having done 27 Hollywood movies. They are very healthy dogs and love to do their daily exercise.Their behaviour can easily be predicted as they are very consistent in their behaviour.They are highly sociable and have a family behaviour.They are very good with children and does not liked to be tied up.Their beautiful hairy coat makes it easier for them to adapt in all types of regions.

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Also see:German Shepherd PuppiesGerman Shepherd Pictures

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