German Shepherd Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

If you want to adopt a German Shepherd, so read ahead. German Shepherds are good option as a family pet for the right family. They are great dogs but they are not for everyone. Not every dog breed is good for every home.German Shepherds are very smart dogs. They are intelligent animals and they need to be tested mentally as well as physically and this is one thing first time owners should be aware off. So new tricks, games exercise all are required for this breed. German Shepherds can get along quite well with children too, if they socialize with them early on. So make sure that your German Shepherd puppy is comfortable around human beings, other pets and other dogs.

Your dog should be socialised well.So you will have to take your dog to as many places as you can. You need to make sure that the German Shepherd gets lots of exercise. So if you are not really an energetic person, this breed is not for you.

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