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Looking like a small, bat-eared version of the Bulldog, the French Bulldog is a completely different dog from his English cousin.In the mid 1800s, the English developed several types of miniature Bulldogs. They never became popular in England, but in France the idea caught on.The dog that developed in France, often called the Frenchie, has a unique appearance, set off by his wide , rounded ears and dome shaped forehead. Unlike their name this breed comes from England.They cannot swim.They are very noisy dogs because of their pushed in face.They are very stubborn.

They can occasionaly develope breathing problems.Frenchie puppies can take upto two years to mature up mentally and so they will require your full attention.

Looks- They come in brindal, Fawn, White and Black Colours.They have a smushed in face.They have face wrinkles and also they have bat like ears.They cannot naturally reproduce.They are very friendly and require very less amount of exercise.

Habitat- They are not comfortable in heat but can easily live in appartments.THey cannot tolerate high temperatures and is usceptible to sunstroke. It must have atleast three daily outings and one long walk a week.

Built- Around 13 inch tall and weighs about 28 pounds.

Grooming-They can do with very less washing but their wrinkles should be kept dry

Health- They can have breathing issues.Along with this they can also have thyroid problem and eye diseases.

Average Age- They live upto 14 years.

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