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Once you have decided to own a dog, the next big important decision that one has to take is which breed to choose. Dog breed refers to different types of dogs having different physical characteristics, life span, temperament etc. The different dog breeds exists either naturally or because of controlled conditions created by humans. Hence the different dog breeds include, pure breed, mixed breed, cross breed or natural breed. Even if a particular breed has certain characteristics or temperament, each dog acts and reacts in its own way. So while deciding which dog to choose, take this decision very wisely. To simplify your decision we have listed here under popular dog breeds, their temperament, pictures ,characteristics or facts that you should know before adoption.

Most Popular Dog Breeds

Akita- Its a strong breed of dog with tough, athletic body and is very famous for its loyalty to its master. It has a history of being a guard dog. However they can be good guide dogs and are suitable only for colder regions.
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Afghan Hound

Airedale Terrier

Alaskan Malamute/ Malamute

American Staffordshire Terrier

Australian Shepherd ) 

Beagle- Beagles are one of the most happy breeds. Their appealing expression is one of their best feature. Their friendly nature makes them one of the most loved hounds. They express their sadness by howling and are very active dogs.
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Basset Hound

Belgian Malinois

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bichon Frise

Border Collie

Boston Terrier



Bull Terrier )

Chihuahua- The smallest of all breeds is Chihuahua that amaze everyone with its small size. They just simply loves to be pampered. One of the most oldest breeds they have now become a style statement and can be carried around just in one hand.
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Cane Corso

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chow Chow


Cocker Spaniel ) 

Doberman Pinscher - This is one of the most smartest, frendliest and bravest dog breeds. It has an athletic body and a very dangerous bite that makes it the first choice for military and police activities. However their agressiveness is only for strangers and not for it's owners.
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Dogue de Bordeaux ) 

English Bulldog - This dog might have a tough built but still they are considered to be one of the most best pets. They are couch potatoes and are very affectionate and loyal to their family. If you want to train them, then its a big task as they just don't want to listen to anyone.
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English Setter

English Springer Spaniel

Eurasier ) 

French Bulldog- This breed is extremely social, funny, clownish and attention stealer. They are very mischievious and can also be stubborn at times. They become the best example of big dog in small body.
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Fila Brasileiro

Fox Terrier ) 

Golden Retriever- The beautiful golden coat makes this retriever dog one of the most beautiful dog breeds. This breed is used as both retriever dogs and also as therapy dogs. This is a very energetic dog that will require lots of exercise.
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German Shepherd


Great Dane

Great Pyrenees/ Pyrenees



Husky/ Siberian Husky - A powerful yet graceful pack dog that usually dwells in the arctic region is Siberian Husky. This breed is beautiful, majestic and just loves to dig.
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Jack Russell Terrier- Its a small terrier dog that is very athletic, energetic, fearless yet stubborn. They are very adaptable and versatile dog. Also they can be very hyper at times and sometimes dont get along well with other pets.
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Japanese Chin

Japanese Spitz ) 

Labrador Retriever - A cute, cuddly, friendly and full of life dog that is known for its retrieving powers even when the object is underwater.
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Lhasa Apso)

Mastiff/ Bullmastiff- It is a large size dog that is alert, protective, powerful yet calm and loyal. Eventhough its a big powerful dog but still it requires lots of attention and cannot do well in loneliness.
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Maltipoo ) 

Pug - Pug is a funny little cute dog that will surely bring a smile on your face with its naughty acts. There wrinkled face, curled tail and pouting eyes gives them an unconventional look and cuteness also. Their main problem is obessity and they just love to overeat.
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Puggle )

Rottweiler- Rottweiler is a mix of calm temperament that will very well protect the family and the children and at the same time one of the most dangerous breeds that makes a very good guard dog and don't hesitate to attack the intruders. They are a powerful dog with a strong built.
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Rat Terrier

Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Ridgeback

Russell Terrier


Shih tzu - They might look like cute, little nice babies but you realise that as they grow up their cuteness reduces and they become more and more destructive. They might be small but due to their ruling nature they make good watch dogs and are best suited for small familes.
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Schnauzer/ Miniature Schnauzer

Shiba Inu

Staffordshire Bull Terrier ) 

Tibetan Mastiff- Its a very ancient, huge furry dog that almost looks like a Lion. They do love their family alot but not any stranger. From its family, it will tolerate all the pain, but if it's an outsider, it will just attack. Owning this dog demands lots of time and care of the owner.
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Tibetan Terrier) 

Yorkshire Terrier – Its one of the most popular of the toy breeds. They are little bundles of energy, that just love to play around. Eventhough its a small dog but it has huge amount of courage. Because of their small size they can easily live in apartments.
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Yorkie/ Teacup Yorkie )

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