Doberman Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

Early socialisation and training is extremely important for your Doberman Pinscher. These are working dogs, they must be under control. Without a strong foundation of obedience this might not be the proper dog. You must be commited to leading this dog on a consistent basis. Exercising your Doberman is very important. These are working dogs so they need lots of stimulation both mentally and physically, they get this on their walks. So its important we dont shortcut them, we do them atleast two times a day for 45 minutes.

Caring and grooming them is extremely important. You can wipe them with a damp cloth. Their nails needs to be checked regularly. They have a high toe nail on their feet so its important that they are kept short .This breed likes to chew.Its important that he has proper toys and those toys are changed and fresh. If you dont provide them with these, then you could have damage in your house.

Make sure your dog's vaccination is kept uptodate and make sure u keep on checking them for cervical spondolises.

With proper training, they are wonderful dog and you can have a long and fabulous relationship with them.

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