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The Dalmation has many talents. He has been used to herd sheep, pull carts, track and retrieve, kill rats, and perform in circuses. Though the black spotted Dalmation has been a symbol of elegance for more than 3000 years, no one can accurately trace its history. One theory says that, in the Middle Ages, gypsies from India or the Middle East carried the dog into Dalmatia, now a region in Yogoslavia. Later, Upper class Englishmen on their grand tours, perhaps attracted to the spotted dogs by their bizarre appearance, may have brought them back to Great Britain. The Dalmation's origins are mysterious. While researchers know they are an ancient breed, no one can be certain exactly where they came from. That may be because they were developed over the centuries by nomadic peoples wandering throughout Europe.The dogs were given the name Dalmation after an area in the former Yugoslavia called Dalmatia.

The Dalmation resembles the Harlequin Great Dane in colour, but that is as far as the resemblance goes. It is more closely related to the Braque Francais, and some believe it is a descendant of the Bengali Braque. Although its name would suggest some link with Dalmatia, experts believe its bloodline is only remotely connected with that country through the Istrian Pointer, a possible ancestor whose silhouette is similar to the modern Dalmatian's. But its talents do not stop there. For centuries it has been used equally well as guard dog, draught dog, herd dog, sled dog, and hunter. It was also used in bygone years to reduce the rat and vermin population of London's stables and fire stations.

Looks: They are born with plain white coats and 3-4 weeks later their spots start to appear.

Health- They are relatively healthy but can suffer from diseases like hip dysplasia. Also a genetic deafness is a major problem in Dalmatians.

Grooming- Their coat is short and fine and requires weekly grooming.

Average Age- They live about 10-13 years.

Size- They are about 64-66 cm tall and weighs around 24-32 kgs.

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