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About Chow Chow Dog Breed:

They look like a cross breed between a lion and a bear.They are the only dog having 44 teeth while other dogs have 42 teeths.They are agressive dogs.They were earlier ranked as one of the most dangerous breeds in America.It originated in China.They can be an allrounder dog.They are not so good with children.

The Chow Chow was bred in Northern China, probably at least two thousand years ago, to hunt, herd, and protect the home.His ancestors could be the Tibetan Mastiff and the Siberian Samoyed, though he may be even older than these breeds. His history is one of hard work and little fun with humans, so the Chow Chow may seem a little aloof.

Looks-Their most distinguished characteristic is its blue black tongue.When they are born they have pink tongues but with age it turns to be blue black.Their hind legs are straight.They have densed double layerd coat which can either be smooth or rough.They are of 5 colours-Red, Cream, Black, Cinannim and blue.

Habitat- With daily doze of exercise they can live in appartments.They are well in cool places.

Grooming- They have heavy sheading and so their daily grooming is necessary.They should only be brushed and not shaved.

Health- They have commonly elbow and hip displysia problems.

Average Age- They live upto 15 years.

Built- They are about 20 inches at shoulder and weighs around 70 pounds.

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Chow Chow PuppiesChow Chow Pictures

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Big Brown Chow Chow

Heavy Playing Chow Chow

Playing Chow Chow
Sleeping Female Chow Chow
Lovely White Chow Chow
Heavy Lovely Chow Chow
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Beautiful White Chow Chow
White Mother Chow Chow

Also see:Chow Chow PuppiesChow Chow Pictures

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