Is Chow Chow a Good Dog for You

Are chow chows for me? They are shy. They shed heavily. They are medium sized. They can live in apparments but need regular exercise. Chow chows are better for adult families. They can be very lazy and needs to be motivated. They live about 8-12 years. 

History and More about Chow Chow

Chow chow dates back to atleast 200 BC China. The name Chow Chow was used to describe imports from the oriental empire. Before then they were called Songshi Quan which means puffy lion dog. They were displayed in the London zoo by Queen Victoria and quickly became popular. The Blue Black tongue is a signature characteristic. They are considered stubborn, aloof and serious but at the same time very loyal. Chow chows can be very agressive and must be well trained. 

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