Chihuahua Puppies/ Dogs - Facts you must know about them before Adoption

Before you choose a Chihuahua, you might wanna backup and evealuate that yes this is the breed for you. Chihuahuas are adorable dogs and they can be very well kept in homes and this can be the right bred for the family. But they can have issues with other dogs and also a little bit more difficult to train and they don't tend to be terribly affectionate. All of these things said are general characteristics, but each dog is an individual dog always.

They are generally easy to groom and won't potentially shed much. They are the smallest dogs but don't go on their size. They are very active dog so they don't need a lot of exercise in general. When you consider a specific breed of Dog like the Chihuahua consider a very reputable breed, so that you just don't consider their looks before choosing but also the other characteristics besides the temperament and the health of the dog.

Chihuahua can be a little bit bossy. So sometimes they can just be threatened by just the size of a person. And so this can be a problem with the small children as they can treat the Chihuahuas badly. They just love to be close to their owner. They loves to be carried around.

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