Cane Corso

About Cane Corso Dog Breed:

They have dominating and independent nature.They originated in Italy.Initially they were used as guard dogs or watch dogs.This breed is very popular in Italy.Its Loyal and loving.However it will only be friendly with its owner and family and not with everyone.

If this dog is not treated well or in wrong hands it can be very agressive

Average Age- It lives upto 12 years.

Built- They are about 11inches tall.

Looks- They come in 3 colurs black or grey, fawn and red

Health- They can have hip displysia, and eyelid problems.

Grooming- Because of its short coat a weekly bath will be sufficient for it.

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Cane Corso Puppies Cane Corso Pictures

Cane Corso Images
Black Cane Corso

Pretty Cane Corso

Horrifying Cane Corso
Wild Cane Corso
Strong Cane Corso
Short Haired Cane Corso
Sleeping Cane Corso
Dangerous Cane Corso
Sleepy Cane Corso
Fat Black Cane Corso

Also see: Cane Corso Puppies Cane Corso Pictures

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About Cane Corso 

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