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The Bullmastiff's melancholy expression, enhanced by a black mask around its dark eyes, hides a spirited and intelligent character. He is part Bulldog, part Mastiff. To protect the game of large estates from poachers, English game-keepers tried Mastiffs. They were protective, but not fast or fierce enough to catch the thieves. The Bulldog was then a ferocious dog, but not big enough to be frightening. Combining these two breeds gave them just the right dog. Dark brindle colors were considered good camouflage in the forests. Today's Bull mastiff usually sport the soft fawn colour of Mastiffs.

The Bullmastiff was developed in England at the end of the 19
th century to fulfill a specific need for an aggressive and powerful guard dog. Though the Bullmastiff was ideally suited to assist 19th century game keepers in their dangerous work, it had to have considerable training to prepare it for its profesional life. The Bullmastiff lives an average of 12 years, which is somewhat longer than the life span of Mastiff. It has reputation for good health and stamina.

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Also see:Bullmastiff PuppiesBullmastiff Pictures

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