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This breed is very independent and are not suitable for swimming.They breathe with their mouths open.In the history they were the national dog of England.They are also called the English or British Bull dog.Training them is a huge task as they like to do all by themselves.THey love to be in family and they are good with kids also.

This awkward, oddly built beast with its enormous wrinkled head and distorted face was obviously never bred for beauty and symmetry. One 19
th century writer saw it this way: '...the head is very large, almost appearing as of disproportionate size of the body. The forhead sinks between the eyes and the line of the nose rises again at a considerable angle; the lower jaw projects beyond the upper, often showing the teeth, which altogether, with the frequent redness about the eyelids, produces a most forbidding aspect....'

The Bulldog was probably created by breeding Mastiffs and terriers together. He earned the name Bulldog from a cruel sport, “Bullbaiting,�? that involved the dog pinning a bull by its nose. Bullbaiting was outlawed in 1778.Public opinion, however, finally condemned bullbaiting.In 1835, legislation put an end to this cruel spectacle and so fans lost interest in their favourite dog.Concerned breeders , however, aware that the Bulldog faced extinction, hoped to preserve its many qualities while eliminating its ferocity. So they attempted to transform the pugnacious brute into a peaceable companion and they succeeded. Today's beloved bulldog is a remarkably sweet tempered animal.

Looks- They have a showing under jaw.Their skin is very loose which is filled with wrinkles.Their sturdy look is because of their broad shoulders and big head.Their nose and head are pushed back.

Habitat- They don't do good in heat.They can live in appartments provided its cool.

Grooming- Their folds, wrinkled skin should be cleaned daily.

Health- This breed is not a very healthy breed. They get many diseases.

Average Age- They can get many diseases so their life expectancy is about 8-12 years.

Size- Their average size is of about 15 inches and they weigh around 40-50 pounds.

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