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About Bull Terrier Dog Breed:

This dog breed is like a small child.This breed is part Bull Dog and part Terrier.They were earlier called the Gladiator of dogs.They have more muscles than the other dogs. Its transformation from fierce warrior to agreeable companion started early in the last century with the banning of bull-baiting in Britain.The abolition of this cruel spectacle led to the creation of another- dogfighting to satisfy the appetites of bloodthirsty fans. The massive, slow moving bulldogs that had fought bulls were now pitted against each other.

The Bull Terrier was originally created to be a fighting dog by breeding the White English Terrier to the Bulldog.Handlers soon realized they needed a faster , more agile breed, one as strong and vicious as the dog they had but with a longer muzzle to inflict more damage.So they crossed their Bulldogs with terriers to produce what was known simply as a “bull and terrier dog.�? Later crosses eventually yielded today's remarkably benevolent pet.

Looks- They come in many colours and have egg shaped head.Their skull is rounded.They have triangle shaped eyes.

Built- They are about 24 inches tall.

Environment- They can live in appartments but with the condition that they do exercise daily.

Health- They can have deafness problem.They can also have problems like that of kidney etc.

Average Age- They live 12-15 years.

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Also see:Bull Terrier PuppiesBull Terrier Pictures

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