Bull Terrier Puppies/ Dogs - Facts you must know about them before Adoption

If you are considering to have a Bull Terrier and also have a small children in your home, then this breed might not be for you. Bull Terriers do require a lot of supervision specially in the presence of small children.So if you have a small child this breed is not a good idea. Strong and muscullar, but it will not hurt anyone purposely. Besides its non agressive attitude, the breed is distinguished by its egg shaped head. They are very gentle and kind. They like to be entertained and if they don't have it they will create it, so you have to be prepared to keep them occupied. The potential owner should carefully take into account his or her lifestyle before bringing a Bull Terrier. They can live in a very little apartment but they do need exercise, so be willing to spend that time on them. Its fun loving attitude makes it a great pet for the city people. They are great to live with and in hectic life will calm you down.

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Bull Terrier Puppies

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