About Boxer Dog Breed:

This dog breed has the longest tongue which grows along with their age..They are like a small child.When a Boxer is really happy we can know it very well.They are athletes.THey have the most unique skull among all the dog breeds. They have short muzzle coupled with a big underbite.They are very expressive.They can be easily trained.They are higly moral guards and are really funny.They require lots of exercise.They will always make you smile.

Looks- They come in 3 different colours-Fawn, Brindle and White.However the majority of White Boxers are deaf.

Environment-They are not suitable for cold environment because of their small coat.They live better in moderate climate.

Grooming- They are very easy to groom.The most important fact is to clean their wrinkles as they can catch infection because of them.

Health- They are very prone to Cancer.

Built- Males are about 25inches tall while females are 23 inches tall.

Average Age- They live for about 12 years.

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Also see:Boxer PuppiesBoxer Pictures

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