Boxer Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

They are the perfect family dog. They are so adaptable, they are just always up for everything. They really are. They are full of energy. They are comapritively always their underage that means, your 10 year old boxer will act as 2 year one. They really are just fantastic. The history of the Boxer was, they are gaurding breed, and talks about being distrustul to strangers. But when a Boxer knows you and knows that you are its friend, they are just the most giving and playful dog that you can imagine. They know that their family are the most special ones. If you introduce it to a stranger they will be happy as long as the master approve of the stranger.

If you want to adopt a Boxer you should be the nubmer one in the household because if you are not you will find that the dog ultimately becomes dominant. So they got to know who's the master and what's their limits.And as long as you are firm, nice, fair but kind, they will give you years and years of enjoyment.

Because of their adaptable nature they have been used for many different things. The Boxer is a medium sized square breed of dog. They are very intelligent and expressive. Boxers are great family dogs. They do very well with children as they are very much children themselves. They just like to play and have fun. So before choosing a Boxer just keep all these points in mind. ge


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