Border Collie

About Border Collie Dog Breed:

They are the most intelligent dog.If they are not treated well, they can destroy all your things.They make a perfect herding dog.It has a very athletic body.It's a very hyper dog, and loves to chase animals.They have a high concentration power.They can also learn multiplication tables.They are hard to handle and if not handled properly they can hurt children also. The noise of children can provoke them to bark.Physical exercise is very necessary for them.

Environment-Its not a good dog to be kept in environment because of its hyper nature.They need lots of space and also job.

Health- They are generally healthy but they can have some eye problem and hip dysplasia.

Grooming- They have different types of coats so their type of grooming requirement is also different.They sheds so their combing and hairing is very necessary.

Built- Males are 22inches tall while females are 21 inches tall.

Average Age- They usually live upto 15 years.

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Also see: Border Collie Puppies Border Collie Pictures

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About Border Collie 

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