Large/ Big Dog Breeds

Large/Big Dogs- Here is a list of all the large breeds.

  1. Husky/ Siberian Husky

  2. Rottweiler- One of the most ferocious dogs.

  3. Doberman/ Doberman Pinscher

  4. Border Collie

  5. Cane Corso

  6. German Shepherd- They are used as a sheep dog, a companion dog, guard dog, guide dog for the blind and as an army and police dog.

  7. Boxer

  8. Chow Chow

  9. Bullmastiff

  10. Akita

  11. Tibetan Mastiff

  12. Alaskan Malamute/ Malamute

More Big/ Large Dog Breeds

Dogs that are big but have a good temperament like that of a small dog

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