Bernese Mountain Dog

About Bernese Mountain Dog Dog Breed:

This dog just loves to work.They were usually used for pulling carts.They are named after the central region of Switzerland.They are built for the mountains.They are very strong dog.They love people and part of a family.Mentally they mature much later than the other dogs.

Looks- They have black, white and brown tri colour markings.They have long silky coat.They have powerful legs.

Health- They are not very healthy dog.Their major problems are hip dysplasia, bloats and cancer.They can also have joint problems.

Grooming- Eventhough their hair shed very much but still they do not need expensive grooming.

Habitat- They are large so they need space to roam about.

Average Age- They have a short life of upto 8 years.

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Also see:Bernese Mountain Dog PuppiesBernese Mountain Dog Pictures

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About Bernese Mountain Dog 

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