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While cuteness may be your first impression of Beagles, these little dogs are actually part of a noble hound history.They are one of the most beloved hounds.They adore their owners and are very friendly breed.Their name is derived from the french word begoule which means gaped throat.They can bark and howl very loudly as they have really awesome vocal chords.It howls when they are usually sad.They have short legs.They have a very powerful smelling sense.Their long ears help them to tap the dofeerent scents and store them for years. They are always highly motivated and rarely tired.They just love kids.They can do anything for food.They are happy dogs.

Looks- They have a typical hound colour i.e black, brown and white.

Environment- Because of their barking and howling they are usually not well suited for appartments.

Grooming- They need more bathing than other breeds.

Health- They are usually free of diseases. They are amongst the most healthy dogs.

Built- They come in two different heights- 13inch and 15 inch

Average Age- They live upto 10-15 years.

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Also see:Beagle PuppiesBeagle Pictures

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